«Je pense, donc je suis» «Cogito ergo sum» «Я мыслю, следовательно, я есмь»
Р. Декарт, 1637

300 years v3

The Board of Young Scientists of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science of Perm Federal Research Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (BYS PFRC UB RAS) is a public body under the Directorate of PFRC UB RAS.

The activities of the Council are aimed at developing the creative potential of young scientists (up to the age of 35), at raising the professional level, expanding the scientific outlook and solving important social problems of young people working in the affiliates of PFRC UB RAS.

In order to develop youth scientific initiatives, promote professional growth and broaden the horizons of young scientists, the Board:

  • coordinates the activities of the councils of young scientists of the PFRC UB RAS branches;
  • organizes the participation of young people in scientific conferences, schools and seminars of various ranks for which carries out relevant information activities;
  • initiates and ensures the holding of youth schools, conferences, and lectures by leading experts in the fields of science that are in the sphere of interests of the PFRC UB RAS and its branches;
  • initiates, organizes and ensures the holding of an interdisciplinary seminar for young scientists, combining the scientific interests of all the branches of the PFRC UB RAS;
  • performs information support for the timely provision of information about grants, awards and competitions held by various organizations (including foreign ones) in the fields of science that meet the scientific and professional interests of the PFRC UB RAS and its branches;
  • interacts with other research and professional youth organizations (including foreign ones), with administrative authorities of regional and federal levels, with the Boards of young scientists of Perm krai, UB RAS and RAS.

In order to solve social and material problems of young scientists and specialists, the Board:

  • submits to the leadership of the Perm Federal Research Center, administrative bodies of the regional and federal level proposals for improving social and material situation of young scientists;
  • submits proposals for the organization of cultural and business leisure, sports and recreational activities among young people to the management of the PFRC UB RAS, provides assistance in carrying out these activities;
  • solicits material support for young scientists.

The Board of Young Scientists of PFRC UB RAS interacts with educational institutions in order to attract young people to research activities and increase the level of creative activity of young researchers.