«Je pense, donc je suis» «Cogito ergo sum» «Я мыслю, следовательно, я есмь»
Р. Декарт, 1637

300 years v3

The Department of Foreign Languages and Philosophy conducts systematic work on preparing for exams and taking candidate examinations in foreign languages and philosophy (twice a year) with post-graduate students and applicants of the institutes of PFRC of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The department also conducts classes to improve the proficiency in English, German and French for employees of academic institutions PFRC UB RAS.

The department in the structure of Perm Scientific Center was established in the early 90s as an educational structure for training graduate students and applicants from academic institutions in Perm to pass entrance and candidate exams in a foreign language and philosophy.

The mission of the department is knowledge of a foreign language as an integral part of the professional competence of a specialist.

The activity of the department has the following aims:

  • to assist employees of scientific institutions in the formation and improvement of foreign language communicative and professional competence;
  • to overcome language barriers and ethnocentrism;
  • to foster respect for the mentality, culture and traditions of the European community in the process of learning languages;
  • to encourage the pursuit of academic multilingualism, defined by the European language portfolio;
  • to preserve the linguistic and methodical traditions of the Petersburg (Shcherba’s) scientific school, developing them with the involvement of modern technologies.

Research activities:

  • scientific research in the field of theoretical and applied linguistics, theory of language acquisition, theory of speech events, psycholinguistics and linguodidactics;
  • development of theoretical problems of perceptual linguistics, psycholinguistics, the theory of mastering foreign languages, the perception of sounding foreign language speech to ensure the modern level of teaching foreign languages, the creation and application of the latest, including the author's teaching methods;
  • participation with reports at the International Philological Conference held by St. Petersburg State University, as well as in other international and regional linguistic conferences.

Contact Information:

Tel. 2-12-51-76, 2-12-50-91
614990, Perm, 13a, Lenina street
Head of Department - Chugayeva Tatiana Nikolaevna