«Je pense, donc je suis» «Cogito ergo sum» «Я мыслю, следовательно, я есмь»
Р. Декарт, 1637

300 years v3

The priority research field of the Center is comprehensive study of safety issues, including issues of industrial, environmental and food security, developing a scientific base for modeling the evolution of complex industrial, natural and social systems and phenomena, creating monitoring tools and systems for predicting and minimizing the consequences of man-made accidents and natural disasters.

In accordance with the Charter and the Development Program, the Center conducts fundamental and applied research in the following areas (main research fields):

  • Development of modern research methods and behavioral models of complex natural, man-made and social systems;
  • Creation of organic and inorganic materials with optimal structure and properties, bio-and agrochemical preparations, pharmacological means of the new generation;
  • Development of scientific and methodological foundations of intellectual monitoring and management of technological, natural and social systems, taking into account the laws of their spatial and temporal transformation and anthropogenic influences.